This is my first blog post so I wanted to cover one of my favorite restaurants in New York. The food is very good, sometimes great, although not among New York’s elite. The reason I keep coming back is great ambiance and service and a menu that’s large, approachable and offers very good value. It’s also the rare place that’s equally good for a group of friends or a date.

Ambiance: The decor is reminiscent of a home in Tuscany. Old photographs from Italy, antique mirrors and hats all help set the scene. There’s also seating on the sidewalk in front and a cozy patio in the back. It is a popular place and often gets crowded by the bar, but it’s very comfortable once you’ve been seated.

Scene: Casual but trendy. Mainly 20s, but older crowds would not feel out of place.

Wine List: Many very good, reasonably priced options.

Food: If you go with a group, I recommend ordering a bunch of Appetizer/Primis for the table. You won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, here are my favorites:

Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta ***: The sun dried tomato puree is the stuff of dreams. All the bruschettas are good but this is the one you must order.

Robiola Cheese & Black Truffle Chisolino **: If you like cheese and black truffles, you’ll love this. They’re just stuffed into a focaccia bread and incredibly delicious.

Papardelle w/ veal ragu ***: The ragu is utterly delicious. Very nice veal and tomato flavors with a little bit of spice.

Salame del Papa (Chocolate Salami) ****: Don’t worry, it’s not chocolate covered meat! But it is one of my favorite desserts in town. The chocolate is marbled with biscuit and served in a log to look like a salami. There’s also a fantastic cream to dip it in. You won’t be disappointed!

Uva Wine Bar
1486 Second Avenue (77th/78th St)
New York, NY 10021
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