Cienfuegos is a Cuban rum bar specializing in rum punches. Now you may be thinking rum punches are for best drank in Caribbean or at  frat parties. And usually I’d agree. But these punches are from the team behind Death & Co. and Mayaheul. They are light on the juice, heavy on the alcohol and incredible. You also can get them in huge metal bowls with giant ice cubes and little glass tea cups.

The design is sleek, as with this team’s other bar. There’s a hidden upstairs room that looks like it’s straight out of Havana. And while you have to come here for the cocktails, the food is quite good too. Here are some of my favorites:

Honey Badger Punch *** – The cocktails change frequently, but this was one of the best I’ve ever had. A little pineapple juice with a lot of rum and a strong kick from the jalapenos. If you see this, or something like, be sure to order it up.

Empanadas de Carne ** – A nice thick corn shell filled with nicely spiced beef. Definitely want to get an order of these.

Snapper Ceviche ** – The sweetness of the coconut balances the citrus in the sauce. The buttery toast is a nice compliment.

Arroz con Gandules ** – The rice gains a great flavor from the spices, hunks of Chorizo and egg on top. Tasty stuff.

95 Avenue A (6th St.)
New York, NY
Cienfuegos on Urbanspoon

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