Why Come Here? Sample Northern Chinese Cuisine, Great Soup Dumplings, Cheap Eats

Joe’s Shanghai is the epitome of what one envisions in a New York Chinatown restaurant. Hectic, cash-only service. Pots of tea on communal tables. A large menu containing numerous dishes you’ve never heard of. It’s almost too perfect in these regards, which actually ends up giving it an aura of in-authenticity. But that’s okay. It provides great Shanghainese (and other types as well) food in a setting that’s far more approachable to many New Yorkers than the divier places nearby or out in Flushing. Here’s what we ate:

Crab & Pork Steamed Buns *** – Joe’s is known for these and with good reason. The broth inside is out of this world good.

String Bean Szechuan Style *- Lightly fried green beans with a little bit of spice. They’re a nice veggie option, but not terribly exciting.

Beef with Broccoli**- Thin pieces of beef, crispy on the outside and tender within covered in a tangy orange glaze. Addictive stuff.

Shanghai Fried Flat Noodle ** – Tasty noodles with a good helping of pork and veggies.

Joe’s Shanghai (Multiple Locations)
9 Pell St. (Doyers & Bowery)
New York, NY
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