Gran Electrica

Why Come Here? Try a large and very good assortment of Mexican snacks and small plates, laid back, rustic atmosphere

I love Mexican Food. There’s just something very satisfying about eating it. I especially like it when it’s cheap and good. Gran Electrica

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Pollo Garnachas

may not be super cheap, but I found it quite enjoyable for the price and ambiance. The place boasts an impressive pair of chefs – Sam Richman (Jean Georges, The Fat Duck) and Brad McDonald (Noma, Per Se) – preparing a variety of Mexican dishes, some familiar (tacos and mariscos) and some not (raise your hand if you’ve heard of garnachas and tlyacoyos?)  It’s all small plates style and many dishes come in under $10, with only a handful over $15. So if you’re into Mexican snack foods, it’s a great place to indulge on a large number of them. The ability to do this in a rustic, laid back ambieance just under the Brooklyn Bridge makes this a place worth coming back to.

Since everything is served small plates style, we had a lot of different things. Note that most things are improved with the addition of the four salsas you receive with your meal. Below is a rundown of my favorites. For more photos and reviews, check out my DishEnvy page.

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Aguachiles Mariscos

Pollo Garanchas  Sort of a thicker, less crunch version of the tostada. The marinated cabbage adds a unique element not usually seen in Mexican cuisine.

Chicharron Gordita  Cheesy, creamy and fried in pork fat you definitely want to give this a try.

Aguachile Mariscos  A very refreshing dish and a nice way to break up some of the heavier fried dishes on the menu. The raw scallops are thinly sliced and top notch.

Churros  These might be my favorite churros of all time. Crispy and cinammoney on the outside, but the dough has almost a cream-like texture on the inside. Don’t miss ending your meal with these.

Gran Electrica
5 Front Street (nr. Fulton St.)
Brooklyn, NY
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