Nice Green Bo

Why Come Here? Hidden gem for impressing out of town / uptown guests, great Chinese that’s easy on the wallet, city’s best scallion pancakes

Nice Green Bo, Chinatown, NYC

Scallion Pancake

Chinatown has never been known for it trendy or luxurious eating houses. However, even by its own standards, Nice Green Bo is on the dingier side. An unassuming store front and name (“Nice.”  Not “best” or even “excellent”?) is served with even less assuming décor: steel tables and chairs, white walls covered with only a few dreary paintings. To put it simply, it’s not the kind of place you would stumble into.

Yet the energy that didn’t go into designing the place seems to have been saved for the food. Nice Green Bo is among Chinatowns best and doesn’t have the waits of larger, more well known establishments like Joe’s Shanghai.  I’d even put several of their dishes in the running for Chinatowns best. Below is a rundown of my top picks. Check out DishEnvy for a complete guide to what to order.

Scallion PancakeFour Star Dish This changed my opinion of the scallion pancake, which I often find doughy and tasteless. Nice Green Bo’s however is moist and bursting with scallion flavor. I won’t order this dish anywhere else, but I get it everytime I come here.

Nice Green Bo, Chinatown, NYC

Tai Chin Chicken

Soup Dumplings  These can be top notch with a broth that absolutely bursts with flavor. However, I’ve also come and been less impressed, so I’m averaging it down to 2 stars.

Peking Duck  Succulent duck prepared into 10 pancakes tableside. The skin is crisp and flavorful and several friends who have spent time in China call it the best they’ve eaten.

Tai Chin Chicken  Big hunks of chicken breast in a tangy and delicious spicy sweet & sour sauce. It’s like an upgraded version of General Tso’s.

Nice Green Bo
66 Bayard St. (Mott & Elizabeth)
New York, NY
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