Why Come Here? Affordable West Village hot spot, roof-to-table dining (sort of), rustic atmosphere

Rosemary's, NYC, West Village

Rosemary’s Focaccia

For those unfamiliar, Rosemary’s is a new Roof-To-Table dining hot spot in the West Village. Yes, they have a large garden on the roof which you can visit. And you’ll have plenty of time to visit it too while you’re waiting for your table. We arrived with a party of 3 on Monday a little after 6 PM and waited an hour and a half for a table, despite being told it would just be “a few minutes.” Luckily we were early enough to snag a seat at the bar, which was completely packed (including the standing tables) with a typical West Village crowd by 6:30.

Other than the frustrating waits, Rosemary’s has all the makings a go-to spot. The casual farmhouse atmosphere is charming, even while teaming with people. The menu is wine bar-esque, with a large selection of small plates and a few pastas and secondis. A decent sized wine list prices all bottles at a mere $40. Our server was very helpful in explaining the menu and setting us on course to order the right amount of food. And as a final treat there is a kumquat tree as you exit, where you can pick your own and eat it. Just be sure to let it ripen first, unless you’re looking for a sour patch kid, extra sour.

Rosemary's, NYC, West Village, ginger


Here’s a rundown of my favorites from the menu. For more reviews and photos, please check out my DishEnvy page.

Rosemary’s Foccacia  Crispy crust and soft and chewy on the inside. Great rosemary flavor. A perfect accompaniment.

Cabbages, Pecorino & Chilis  The tangy and spicy cabbage was the clear winner in the vedure section of the menu.

Shrimp  The ginger was an interesting touch, especially mixed with the spice of the jalapeno. Definitely a unique set of flavors.

Orechiette (w/broccoli rabe & sausage)   One of the highlights of the meal. Homemade, tender pasta with tangy and slightly spicy sausage and a bite from the rabe.

18 Greenwich Ave. (W 10th & Charles Sts.)
New York, NY
Restaurant Website
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