Hill Country Barbecue

Why Come Here? Great Texas Barbecue, Casual meal with a group, live music

Hill Country serves its barbecue the way you’d imagine it being slung in small Texas town. The room is large with high ceilings and feels like an urban barn (you might expect a square dance to break out at any moment). Once they have a table for you, you walk up to the counter, order meat by the pound and then walk over to another counter where you take your generous helping of sides. There’s a nice selection of southwestern beers and bourbon and the music is pretty solid to, with live performances most nights. It’s good for groups too with several large tables and checks are automatically split at the time you order.

The menu is limited to a few types of barbecued meat and a host of sides. Below are my favorites, but go to my DishEnvy page to find more.

Hill Country BBQ NYC

Meat Platter Courtesy of Yelp

Lean Brisket  Very good cut of meat and delicious with their homemade sauces. However, it’s a little dry on its own.

Jalapeno Cheese Sausage  Firm, juicy and spicy. One of the best sausages I’ve eaten.

Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash  Great combination of sweet and oakey flavors. A must order side.

Longhorn Cheddar Mac & Cheese  Sharp cheddar flavor, chew macaroni make this a solid option.

Hill Country Barbecue
30 W 26th St. (6th Ave. & B’way)
New York, NY
Hill Country on Urbanspoon

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