Cafe de La Esquina

Why Come Here? Enjoy the La Esquina vibe with a last minute res

La Esquina Cafe, Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Sweet Potato Tacos

La Esquina Brasserie, the Mexican restaurant hidden beneath a Nolita taco stand, remains a hot table after all these years still requiring reservations 3 weeks out on weekends. For those who want to try the food, enjoy some of the atmosphere and none of the secrecy surrounding the original, there’s Cafe de La Esquina in Williamsburg. The front looks like a diner where they turned the lights down and music up. The backroom however evokes much more what you would expect from the original, including the dia de los muertos décor. The menu offers a similar selection of decent quality, mid-to-high-priced Mexican. With tables in Williamsburg getting hard to come by these day, it makes for a nice Mexican standby in the area (there were tables available when we came in at 9 on a Saturday). But as a foodie destination, it definitely falls short. While the food is decent, you’re definitely coming here for the La Esquina brand or desperation for a cool spot in Williamsburg on short notice. For a similar ambiance and prices with better food I’d recommend Empellon Taqueria in the West Village.

Below are my thoughts on what we had. For more photos and reviews, check my DishEnvy page:

La Esquina, Williamsburg, Mexican

Chile Relleno

Crab Torta   The crab had a fishy flavor, ruining a dish that otherwise could have worked. Maybe they should take these off the menu until crab season.

Chile Relleno  The pureed squash was unique for a chile relleno, as was the use of quinoa. While this probably made it healthier than most, without much cheese or meat it fell a little short.

Sweet Potato Tacos  Tacos are the way to go here, as we learned. The tortillas were fresh and the lightly fried sweet potato filled them nicely.

Conchinita Pibil (pulled pork) Tacos  My favorite dish of the night. The pulled pork was tasty and had just the right amount of kick from the habaneros.

Cafe de La Esquina
225 Wythe Avenue (N 3rd & Metropolitan Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY
Cafe de La Esquina @ Wythe Diner on Urbanspoon

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