Stephan Pyles (Dallas, TX)

Why Come Here? Innovative fine dining, great downtown Dallas spot for business, parents or a date

Right Amount for 2: 3 ceviches, 2 entrees, dessert. Add another app if there’s a free loop on your belt.

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Ceviche Tasting

When you think of “foodie cities” in the US, Dallas probably doesn’t come to mind. While you can certainly grab a great bite to eat while in town, it tends to be your standard steak, Tex Mex or deep fried anything at the State Fair. Stephan Pyles, one of Dallas’ best known chefs, breaks the trend at his flagship restaurant with all the innovative goodness a visiting (or local) foodie could hope for with playful and delicious rifts on classic Southwestern and Mexican fare.

The restaurant itself is large and well spaced, especially if you’re used to cramped NYC dining boxes. The decor follows the cooking’s blend of modern and southwestern elements including a central, glass-enclosed kitchen, stone and teracotta walls and art with vivid reds and yellows that are more Mojave than urban East Texas. The service is Texas fine dining appropriate: knowledgeable and friendly without a hint of pretension.

The menu is divided into 4 sections: ceviches, other apps, soups & salads and entrees. The ceviches are a specialty and pretty unique so I highly recommend the “Tasting of 3” (or 6) option. Other specialties are denoted with a star on the menu but it seems hard to go wrong on this menu. Another nice feature: when we told them we wanted to share out two entrees, they served us each a plate with half of both entrees on it instead of making us pass one around. Ah, the little things.

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Pork and Sous Vide Fried Chicken, Stephan Pyles, Dallas

Bacon Wrapped Pork and Fried Chicken

Red Snapper w/ Smoked Corn & Chili Pop Rocks  This dish is just plain fun. It tastes great and the pop rocks keep the party in your mouth going long after the first bite.

Rock Shrimp Michelada   Spicy and a little too heavy on the tomato. It’s get points for creativity, but rock shrimp probably doesn’t make the best ceviche.

Halibut Horchata   The almond is a tasty addition, although it creates an unusually hard texture for ceviche.

Tamale Tart  Great take on the tamale, made in quiche format topped with crab. The awesome masa crust seals it as a must try dish.

Sous Vide Fried Chicken  It shouldn’t surprise you they know how to do fried chicken right in Texas. The meat is juicy, the spice is just right, the sides are all top notch and it’s (appropriately) served with a delightful little biscuit.

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin  It’s hard to go wrong wrapping anything in smoked bacon and this was no exception. The mole was a little disappointing though as the blackberry flavor didn’t really come through.

Stephan Pyles
1807 Ross Avenue (Akard & St. Paul Sts.)
Dallas, TX
Restaurant Website
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