Why Come Here? Interesting Chinese eats in a Williamsburg setting with Flushing prices

Right Amount for 2? 2-3 dishes including at least one noodle

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Lamb Burgers

Make no mistake about it: if you live in Manhattan (or Western Brooklyn), Flushing is far. From our apartment in the West Village, it took nearly an hour on the 1 & 7 trains. So if you’re going to make the trip, it better be for something really good. And cheap. Fortunately, Biang! succeeds on both levels. It’s from the family behind Xi’an Famous Foods, a popular foodie destination with locations in Flushing, Chinatown and the East Village. While those places are great, they lack pleasantries such as decor, waiters and chairs. Biang! adds to that mix a full-service, night out with friends type restaurant that feels like it could just as easily be in Williamsburg or the East Village. In fact, it may be the first restaurant in Flushing that isn’t either a hole-in-the-wall or decorated cookie cutter Chinese style.

Yet despite the improved digs, they miraculously maintain their low prices with most entrees costing $7 or less and some items going for under a 5 spot. And that’s not for “snack size” portions either. The four of us left satisfied with four dishes and a tab excluding beer (which is only $4) of under $30. So if you need to sit down, listen to some good music and try some cool and really good food for less than $10/person, you now have your place.

The name Biang! comes from the Chinese character for the sound the noodle dough makes when pulled and you’ll definitely want to try some variant of those noodles while here. There’s a lot more to the menu though with non-noodle options ranging from salads to dumplings to skewers. Many items are carryovers from Xi’an Famous Foods including the popular Lamb Burgers and my personal favorite the Liang Pi Cold Noodles.  I definitely plan to go back to sample more of the diverse menu offerings, but here’s what I had on my initial visit:

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Beef Biang-Biang Noodles

Spicy & Tingly Beef Biang-Biang Noodles  The famous pulled noodle of Xi’an are chewy and long (I’m not sure the whole thing wasn’t just one giant noodle). They’re also as well cooked and enjoyable as any al dente pasta I’ve had. The spicy beef on top is tender and the whole thing is delicious.

Chicken Skewers  Note that it’s not breast meat, which some members of our group didn’t care for. However, there’s an interesting spice profile that varies quite a bit from bite to bite.

Lotus Root Salad  Lotus root is like water chestnut in texture and similarly small in flavor. But some Chinese spices give it a decent kick and flavor. Worth a try.

Spicy Cumin Lamb Burgers  Deliciously seasoned, spicy lamb on something reminiscent of an arepa.

For more photos and reviews, check out DishEnvy.

41-10 Main Street (41st Ave & 41st Rd)
Flushing, NY
Restaurant Website
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