El Mio Cid

Why Come Here? Authentic Spanish tapas, cheap eats in a charming setting

Right Amount for 2: 4-5 tapas

Spanish, tapas, El Mio Cid, NYC, cheap

Leeks w/ Mushrooms

Tapas places are a dime a dozen in NYC, with most applying their “innovative take on Spanish cuisine”  in order to command higher prices. Fortunately  El Mio Cid didn’t get the memo and still focuses on making authentic tapas right. The large menu contains all your favorites from spanish tortillas to paella and some lesser seen offerings like leeks and mushrooms. The tapas are sizeable enough you could make a meal out of 2 of them, yet not one costs over $10. Throw in a pitcher of Sangria (made with just the right amount of sweetness) for $21 and you’ve got a tapas date for under $50. Oh yeah, there’s also a ScoutMob deal that gets you $20 off the already low price.

Yet somehow this place was only about 25% full on a Friday night. Okay, it is in Bushwick. But it’s an easy ride on the M or L trains. And the space is dimly lit, airy and includes a mural of a Spanish castle. You might as well be in Spain. So if you have a low maintenance date that doesn’t mind the train ride, you’ll be highly rewarded for making the trek.

Here’s what we tried:

spanish, tapas, el mio cid, nyc, brooklyn

Chorizo el Mio Cid

Pulpo al mio cid (octopus w/garlic, wine, tomato & onion) rating-1Stars The mutli-dimensional sauce helped mask the fact that the octopus was overdone. This could be a great dish if they cook it right.

Jamon y Queso 2 Star Dish No one ever went wrong ordering an assortment Spanish cheeses and cured hams. It’s not over thought and more reminiscent of what you might get in Spain.

Chorizo el mio cid (peppers, onion, wine) 2 Star Dish This was our favorite dish – spicy, juicy sliced Spanish chorizo in a lip smacking tangy sauce.

Lobster Croquetas rating-0Stars The lobster gets lost in all the fried potato goodness. Stick to ham or cheese fillings.

Leeks w/ mushrooms 2 Star Dish A great assortment of marinated mushrooms surround big, fresh and crunchy leeks. A solid way to get your veggies in.

For more photos, check out my DishEnvy page.

El Mio Cid
50 Starr Street (@ Wilson Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY
Restaurant Website
El Mio Cid on Urbanspoon

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