Grub Street Food Festival

I love trying lots of different foods, which is why I love food festivals. I particularly liked the variety of vendors from throughout the city here. It’s nice to taste test something in say, Bushwick, without having to go out there. My favorites are below:

Cheddar Brat from Bark Hot Dogs (left) *** – This is the best hot dog / brat I’ve ever had. Very tasty and juicy brat on a delicious buttery and toasted bun. I added some pickles, onions and bark sauce as you can see. They had a whole array of delicious looking toppings and sauces that I’ll have to try when I go there. Bark Hot Dogs, 474 Bergen St., Brooklyn Bark Hot Dogs on Urbanspoon

Carnitas Taco from Cascabel Taqueria (center) *** – Fresh tortillas, tender and tasty pork butt. The crunchy fried rice on top added some nice texture too. I’ll definitely be trekking uptown for more of these. Cascabel Taqueria (locations on UES and UWS) Cascabel Taqueria on Urbanspoon

Ragu Ball from Arancini Bros. (right) ** – Apparently a Sicilian dish – it’s a fried ball of risotto filled with ragu sauce (they had other fillings as well). The spicy ragu is a nice complement to the slightly salty risotto. It’s very good, but also was very heavy and I was happy to have people to share it with. Arancini Bros (940 Flushing Ave., Bushwick) Arancini Bros on Urbanspoon

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