Hummus Place

I want to start out by saying I’m a big meat eater. I rarely have a meal (other than breakfast) without some form of meat in it. I just don’t generally find it satisfying. Thus – while I do enjoy Hummus – I was skeptical that I could love a meal at the vegetarian-only Hummus Place. However, I was blown away. I now eat here for lunch at least once a week.

Ambiance: It’s small and casual with some Middle Easter decor. There is waiter service, but the feel puts it somewhere on the bottom of the spectrum for sit-down¬†establishments. It’s fine for a casual meal with friends, but you wouldn’t take a date you’re trying to impress here.


Hummus Place

Hummus Fava *** РThe Hummus fava, shown above, contains hummus, whole fava beans, tahini, hard boiled egg, olive oil & spices. And it is amazing. Simply put, it is the best hummus I have ever had.

As I usually order this for lunch, I get the $8 lunch special which comes with a side. I go with one of the two options below:

Falafel ** – Very tasty, nicely crisped and good mix of spices. Add these and a little hummus to a pita (included) for a nice sandwich.

Roasted Eggplant * – The tahini and lemon dressing don’t add much flavor. The eggplant is pretty good, although sometime a little soft. I usually get this as a lighter alternative to the tastier falafel.

Hummus Place (multiple locations)
71 Seventh Ave. S. (Barrow & Jones Sts.)
New York NY 10014
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