Why To Come Here: Tasty and fun takes on Chinese food, cool dish presentation, ability to try a lot of small plates, see the bathroom of the future.

Spicy Crispy Beef, Red Farm, New York, West Village, NYC

Spicy Crispy Beef

RedFarm is certainly not your typical Chinese restaurant. The decor combines post-modern (the sliding doors and futurist restroom) with touches of old China (lots of wood, artifacts). The food also has its basis in traditional Chinese cuisine, but often with a playful wink (such as the PacMan dumplings, below, and Katz’s pastrami spring roll.) The large communal tables surrounded by booths for 2 or 4 mean it’s a tough spot for large groups.

Tip: Order several appetizer/dim sums and maybe 1 or 2 entrees depending on group size. The small plates are better but if you do over order (as I tend to do) you can always bring the entree home for the next night.

Here are my top Dish Picks. You can see all my reviews with photos on DishEnvy.

Spicy Crispy Beef (3.5/4 stars) This is really addictive! Great texture and lemongrass flavor. Definitely recommend that you start the meal with an order.

Katz’ Pastrami Egg Roll (2/4 stars) It’s a little funky, but the pastrami works really well in egg roll form. The side of mustard is a great complement as well.

Kung Pao Chicken & Scallion Dumplings (2/4 stars) The best dumplings at RedFarm and a cool way to experience kung pao chicken.

Spicy Korean Rice Cake, Shrimp & Chinese Sausage (2/4 stars) The rice cakes are firm and provide a great texture for the dish. Nice flavor in the Chinese sausage.

PacMan Dumplings & Shu Mai Shooters (1/4 stars)  They both look really cool (see below), but at the end of the day they are kind of run-of-the mill steamed dumplings.


PacMan Dumplings at Red Farm, New York, West Village, NYC

PacMan Dumplings

529 Hudson St. (W. 10th & Charles)
New York, NY
Red Farm on Urbanspoon

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