Why to Come Here: Fantastic and playful takes on Spanish cuisine, some of the best food in New York without a res, a lively bar atmosphere.

Tertulia reminded me of the sort of bar you’d stop by on a tapeo (a Spanish bar crawl where free tapas are served with drinks). The old brick, communal tables and Spanish artifacts definitely evoke a night out in an old Spanish bar. While the tapas are unfortunately not free with a glass of wine, they do represent a playful take on traditional Basque cuisine that is well worth paying for.

Reservations Note: Reservations are not taken for groups of less than 6 people. Waits can be long – we waited an hour and a half on a Saturday night at 8:30.

Wine List – Mid-sized list, moderately priced (lots of options from $45-60), heavy focus on Spain.

Below are my Dish Picks. You see all my Tertulia reviews with photos on DishEnvy.

Arroz A La Plancha **** – Snails, mushrooms, fennel iberico ham – an amazing combination of flavors perfectly executed! Every bite is different and delicious. The rice is cooked like a risotto and is soft and tasty.

Cojonudo Revisted *** – It’s like a very upscale bacon and egg sandwich. The poached egg exploded with deliciousness in your mouth. You only get 2 bites, but they are phenomenal.

Tosta Huevo Roto Y Jamón Ibérico ** – Reminded us of a deconstructed spanish tortilla on bread. The iberico ham is salty, sweet and melts in your mouth

Ensalada de Otono ** – I’ve never had a salad with a kale base like this, but if you like bitter greens, it’s fantastic. The thinly sliced squash helps balance the bitterness.

359 Sixth Avenue (b/w W.4th & Washington Pl.)
New York, NY
Tertulia on Urbanspoon

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