Why Come Here? Cozy atmosphere, very good and traditional tapas, a meal in the West Village that’s not a scene.

Pork Loin, Caliu, Montado de Lomo

Montado de Lomo

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Caliu gives me something to be thankful for: a restaurant that’s laid back, easy to walk into and serves great food in the West Village. It’s such a hidden gem in an area where long waits and scenes are the norm, I’m almost afraid to write about it here. But that’s not what this season is all about.

Atmosphere: It’s dimly lit, but remains warm and welcoming. The space itself is narrow and can be a little cramped when it’s full. Still, you can get a large party in here if need be.

Food: I’ve been here a number of times now and most of the food is very good. There are a few standouts that I highly recommend you try:

Montado de Lomo (Spice Rubbed Pork w/ goat cheese) ***: The pork is juicy and spicy, which is tempered by the goat cheese.

Paella, Caliu

Paella Crujiente

Paella Crujiente ***: I was never a fan of paella before trying it here. Now I understand why some people go crazy over this dish. Filled with chorizo and squid, it’s crunchy, spicy and (thankfully) not too heavy on the rice. Amazing.

Pintxos de Beicon (lamb bacon in salsa verde) *** – The lamb is rich meaty, butperfectly cut with the tang of the salsa verde. It’s rich, but a worthwhile indulgence.


557 Hudson St. (Charles & Perry)
New York, NY
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