Bodhi Tree

Why Come Here? Real Spicy Thai, Cheap Eats, No Res Necessary

Bodhi Tree has become my go-to spot for good, cheap Thai in Manhattan. The space itself resembles any mid-priced Thai restaurant in Manhattan with a decor that tries to look somewhat trendy and is filled with assorted Thai knicknacks. It also remains relatively undiscovered, perhaps because Americanized Thai food is not it’s specialty, although for some reason most people there seem to order it (perhaps because it’s what’s on the $10 prix fixe menu).

The reason I keep coming back is that I love my spicy Thai and they have an entire page devoted to fiery, authentic dishes. They do a great job integrating the spice into the flavors of the dish, so it never feels like it’s spicy for the sake of burning you a new one. Many of the other menu items are very good as well, especially the curries. My top picks are below:

Duck Roll *** – You must start the meal with this. Juicy duck, sweet and tangy hoison sauce in a greasy roti. So good.

Bangkok Pork Minced Basil *** – For some reason the flavors of this dish remind me more of being in Thailand than anything I’ve eaten. It’s spicy, sweet, sour and delicious.

Crying Udon Noodle **- The chili sauce gives you that authentic fiery in the belly but the noodles are quite tasty as well. The calamari and shrimp are better quality than most Thai spots in the city.

Pumpkin Curry ** – The curries here are all on the less sweet/more authentic side but this is my favorite. A little spicy and sour but balanced nicely with the sweetness of the coconut and pumpkin.

Bodhi Tree
58 3rd Avenue (10th & 11th St)
New York, NY
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