La Flaca

Why Come Here: Affordable, good Tex-Mex, Good for Groups

In New York, and downtown in particular, finding decent Tex-Mex is a challenge. It’s especially hard to find a place where you actually can sit with a big group and have the “fiesta” experience of Mexican restaurants you see in other parts of the country.

La Flaca fills that void (minus the mariachi bands). We had a group of 10 last night (Friday) and had no trouble getting a last minute reservation. We were able to hang out there for 3 hours carousing and drinking margaritas with no pressure to give up our table. How many places can you do that?

Was the food mind blowing? No. But it was good enough and it was perfect for our group. They also have TVs and a long beer list so you could home here and watch the game.┬áHere’s what I had:

Margarita on the Rocks* – A little over done on the lime, but at least it’s not overly sweet. It gets the job done.

Guac** – actually very good guac that comes with pico on top. Very fresh avocados- I’d definitely suggest starting the meal here.

Queso Dip* – It’s melted cheese, so of course it’s good. But nothing special.

Carned Asada Tacos* – The chopped beef had good asada flavor. It would be nice if it came with some sauce though (I added some extra guac and salsa.)

La Flaca
384 Grand St. (Norfolk & Suffolk St.)
New York, NY
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