Why Come Here: Phenomenal Italian Sandwiches; cool, retro setting; open late

Meatball Parm

Parm is the casual sandwich shop from the team behind one my favorite restaurants- Torrisi Italian Specialites. Torrisi also operates as a deli during lunch hours and there sandwiches have long received high praise. But it wasn’t until Parm opened that I finally made the lunch time trip. After two more more trips, I feel I’m ready to impart my recommendations.

Parm looks like a 50s soda shop, complete with large counter with bright red bar stools. There’s little other seating though, so expect to wait a while on weekends. The menu is limited to a few sides and sandwiches – all available on a hero, roll or platter. They are known for their roasted turkey sandwich and the “parm”s” (meatball and chicken parmigianas). My thoughts on the big 3 are below, with additional photos and recommendations available on DishEnvy.

Roasted Turkey Roll, Parm, NYC, Torrisi, sandwich

Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Meatball Parm  Everyone needs to experience this sandwich. The meatball itself is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The mix of veal, beef and sweet Italian sausage is tender, incredibly flavorful and made into something resembling more of a burger than a meatball (which makes it a lot easier to eat). The only thing that could be improved is the bread, which needed a little more heft to support all the meatiness.

Chicken Parm  This is probably the only disappointment , which is not to say it’s not a very good sandwich. I just felt the chicken-to-sauce was a little high and there far less basil and spices than the meatball parm. This one didn’t live up to the hype.

House Roasted Turkey  Turkey sandwiches generally aren’t the most exciting thing to eat, but this is definitely the best version I’ve had. Juicy turkey roasted in garlic and herbs with a spicy mayo kicker. Give it a shot.

248 Mulberry St. (Spring & Prince Sts.)
New York, NY
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