Why Come Here? Sample Filipino Cuisine, Great Cocktails, Night out with Friends

Filipino, East Village, NYC

Spring Rolls

Maharlika gives you the opportunity to sample the underrepresented food of the Philippines in the safety of the East Village. It’s also a fun spot to hang out with a bar-like feel and classic rock blasting in the background. What is Filipino cuisine you may ask? I think our server (also the bartender) described it best when he called it the “soul food of Asia.”  Most of the dishes are hearty and filling which makes them a perfect pairing for the strong house signature drink Pacquiao’s Punch.

Combine this with the lively atmosphere and reasonable prices and you’ve got a great dinner spot before a night out.  I hear brunch is quite solid too (they actually started as a brunch pop-up). Below is a rundown of what we ordered, with additional photos available on DishEnvy.

Spring Rolls  Very long (see the photo), crispy and filled with delicious spiced beef. A must order if they’re on the menu.

Pampangan Style Sizzling Sisig, Filipino, East Village, NYC

Pampangan Style Sizzling Sisig

Pampangan Style Sizzling Sisig   This dish contains pork snout, ear and belly, but it wasn’t as weird tasting as it sounds. It’s actually a very satisfying comfort dish, especially with the amazing accompanying garlic rice.

Longga Hot Dog  A Filipino sausage with some accompaiments that didn’t end up adding much. It’s basically a good bratwurst.

Beef Tapa Salad  Great spice and char on the beef. The vegetables were also refreshing given the heaviness of the other food.

Puqui Puqui  It came highly recommended but didn’t do anything for us. I found it to be somewhat bland. Maybe a bad batch?

111 First Avenue (6th & 7th Sts)
New York, NY
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