Dean’s Restaurant

Why Go Here? Some on NYC’s best pizza without a wait, outdoor seating, friendly service

When I lived in TriBeCa a few years ago, Dean’s was my go-to pizza place. Recently returning after a long absence, I was reminded why I loved it so much. Dean’s is one of those local NYC pizza joints that’s just one notch below the top tier – a fact that keeps it off most people’s radar. It also allows you to walk in usually without waiting, often at an elusive-in-NYC sidewalk table.

And for everday pizza eating, Dean’s is exactly what you want:  Three types of pies (classic, sqaure and white) all with fresh mozzarella and toppings and perfectly baked in a brick oven. On our recent trip, the group was large enough we were able to order all three. See the slideshow and my thoughts on each below:

Old School Round  A classic New York pie, complete with fresh mozzarella and chopped basil. We got pepperoni on ours, which was flavorful, slightly spicy and not too oily. Probably the best classic NY pie you can get delivered.

Old Fashioned Square  A thick doughy crust that supports any toppings you want to throw on top. We went with sausage and peppers and were not disappointed.

White Pie  Dean’s uses a blend of mozzarella and ricotta here that is fantastic and a nice compliment if you’re already ordering one of the traditional tomato pies. We added broccoli on top, which went really nicely with the ricotta and gave us a false sense that this pie is healthier.

Dean’s Restaurant
349 Greenwich Street (Harrison & Jay Sts.); 801 Second Ave (42nd & 43rd Sts.); 215 W. 85th St. (B’way & Amsterdam)
New York, NY
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