Gwynnett St.

Why Come Here? A spot to please foodies and non-foodies alike, great food in a casual setting

Gwynnett St. is in up-and-coming East Williamsburg and, contrary to what you may expect, is located on Graham Ave (not Gwynnett Street, which no longer exists). In many ways, it epitomizes what’s hot in the New York (and particularly Brooklyn) dining scene today. The service is upscale and welcoming but the setting remains casual (think exposed brick walls and wooden tables). Lighting is on the dimmer side (which is why I made the executive decision not to take photos). Dishes are interesting enough for hardcore foodies, but classic enough to satisfy most palates.  Everything we ate was at least very good and while prices aren’t cheap, they’re good for the quality of food served. The menu is set to change seasonally so check DishEnvy for updates, but here’s a rundown of what we had:

Whiskey Bread Four Star Dish I’ve probably never been this excited about bread. It’s cooked in an old pizza oven (the space used to be a pizzeria) and is similar to a rum cake, though not as sweet and therefore an acceptable/required way to start the meal.

Lamb Breast  A tender, tasty cut of lamb with an interesting earthiness provided by the carrots.

Bok Choy  I’m not sure I’ve had raw bok choy before, but it’s like a less tough kale. It goes quite well with citrusy grapfruit and tangy feta.

Amish Chicken  Perfectly cooked with great seasoning on the skin and very juicy inside. The medley of surrounding vegetables made each bite different.

Duck Breast  The duck was juicy and well cooked, but I was expecting to be blown away based on other reviews. It was very good, but the rice and berries seemed like a fairly traditional pairing than didn’t amaze.

Gwynnett St.
312 Graham Ave. (Ainslie & DeVoe Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY
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