Why Come Here? Not your typical wine bar, nice selection of half bottles and munchies

sweet chili, Swine, NYC, West Village

Pork Belly

If I had to classify Swine as something, I’d probably call it a wine bar. But to say it’s just another of the quiet, dimly-lit wine bars filling the West Village would be unfair. Swine definitely puts the “bar” in wine bar. It’s got some grunge factor going for it and it’s more what you’d expect to find in (gentrified) Brooklyn than the Village.  There’s even a pinball machine in the upstairs bar.

The food, as you’ve likely deduced,  is heavy on the pork and charcuterie, although there are some decent veggie options too. But I wouldn’t recommend coming here trying to make a meal. While the food is decent enough, the portions are too small for the price. If you want a meal of small plates, head two blocks north to Caliu for better food and prices. But if you’re just looking for to have a little wine in a less pretentious setting and need some munchies, Swine will do the trick. The by the glass selection is a little small and white heavy (strange given the menu), but there are a decent number of half bottles if you’re not looking to down a whole one.

chimay, faicco's bacon, Swine, NYC, West Village

Grilled Cheese

Below are my thoughts on the dishes we tried. For more photos and reviews, check my DishEnvy page.

Pork Belly  This was best thing I ate here and at $10 the best value too. You get a nice (if small) slab or pork belly that’s flavorful without being too fatty. The sweet chili glaze and spicy cabbage provide a nice balance.

Grilled Cheese  Nothing groundbreaking, but the the thick cut Faicco’s bacon goes well with the cheese blend.

Pickle Plate  Good selection of pickled veggies, but they are used in a lot of various other dishes as well so take note not to over-pickle yourself.

Duck Prosciutto  Thick cut but a little fatty. I’m guessing there are better cured meats here.

531 Hudson Street (W 10th & Charles)
New York, NY
Restaurant Website
Swine on Urbanspoon

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