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Bauernwurst, Bratwurst, Lederhosen, NYC, West Village

Sausage Sandwich

Have you ever wanted to drink beer out of a 2 liter boot? Lederhosen can make your dream come true. But what separates this German Bierhaus from others around the city. First, it’s in the West Village, not Brooklyn or Astoria. And second, while there is no beer “garden” per se,  the back room does contain wooden benches and a wonderful mural of the German countryside. It being December now, that may make it the closest you’ll come to drinking outside in NYC any time soon. Finally, unlike many other German restaurants about town, the food is actually quite good and cheap ($5 sausage sandwiches and most sides are $3). Below are my thoughts on the food we washed down our beers with:

Pretzel rating-1Stars Your typical giant soft pretzel. The honey mustard that comes with it quite good though.

German Fried Potatoes 3 Star Dish We were scraping every last bit from the bowl of these bad boys. The potatoes are covered in fried onions and some sort of delicious curry sauce.

Delicious German Pickle 2 Star Dish I’m not sure what’s German about it since it looks like every other sandwich pickle in New York. It is quite a good version though with crisp cucumber and the right amount of vinegar.

Bauernwurst and Bratwurst Sandwiches 2 Star Dish The sandwiches are topped with red cabbage, sauerkraut onion and mustard on a toasted bun, all of which were fantastic but left the two meats tasting indistinguishable. Both were meaty and juicy bases for the topping and I recommend adding a side of mustard for optimal enjoyment.

39 Grove Street (Bleecker & Bedford Sts.)
New York, NY
Restaurant Website
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