Cafe Cluny

Why Come Here? A quintessential West Village brunch

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Breakfast Club Sandwich (courtesy of Cafe Cluny)

I would like to start off by saying I have only been here for brunch. But with it’s upscale Parisian café feel of bright lights, white walls and no seat more than 10 feet from a window it seems impossible to imagine eating any other meal here.

And for that meal, it may be the quintessential New York place. The menu won’t blow your mind with creativity, but then again do you really want it to first thing in the morning (or early afternoon)? It  features the classic selection of egg dishes, french toast, salads and sandwiches we all know and love with just enough of a twist to keep the both your inner foodie and meat-and-potatoes uncle pleased. Combine that with the lively, bright atmosphere and windows overlooking a quaint (by New York standards) intersection and you’ve got pretty much everything you could hope for in a brunch spot. Unfortunately, the masses have figured this out too and waits during peak times can reach an hour. Luckily it’s almost always been less than the  hostess quoted.

In terms of the food, my egg yolk intolerance has hampered my ability to sample many brunch items in recent years. However, there is one dish I highly recommend:

The Breakfast Sandwich 3 Star Dish The right balance of bread, egg, avocado and spicy mayo makes it the perfect start to the day even if you opt for just egg whites. And thankfully it’s much  lighter than most of the coma-inducing breakfast sandwiches this town if full of.

Cafe Cluny
284 West 12th Street (corner of W. 4th)
New York, NY
Restaurant Website
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