Yerba Buena Perry

Why Come Here? Fun meal with friends before a night out in the West Village

Right Amount for 2: 2-3 small plates, 1 large plate

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Main Dining Room

You’ve got a group of friends looking for a night out in the West Village. Dinner, drinking, whatever happens, happens. You need a place that’s lively, has a strong cocktail list and food that appeals to a diverse group and won’t put you to sleep. Enter Yerba Buena Perry. The swanky Cuban decor, Latin music and some cocktails from the Little Branch team get your night started right. You won’t go wrong sipping on the Poquito Picante (featuring the always delicious triumvate of gin, jalapeno and cilantro). And the menu, with a formidable selection of small bites and ceviches to start off you off and some meaty large plates to finish, offers something for all comers.

Those are the reasons you come to Yerba Buena Perry. The food itself, while still good, seems to have declined somewhat over the years. Given the fairly high prices, I can’t recommend a trip for the food alone (although if you’re willing to come during the week, a deal from Savored to cut up to 30% off can help with that).  Below are my thoughts on what we had:

Hamachi Ceviche 2 Star Dish The fish was fresh and the ginger scallion gave it a good kick. The avocado puree was a little overpowering though, as it often is. Personally, I’d like to see it banned from ceviche.

Tacos de Pesacado rating-1Stars You standard fried fish taco, with a chipotle mango slaw. Good, but not $13 good.

Lechon Confitado rating-1Stars  The suckling pig got a little dry, but was still pretty tasty. Sadly, the awesome sounding black truffle-sunchoke puree was light on the truffliless.

Chaufa de Castillo 3 Star Dish Moist and meaty with tangy and spicy salsa, the short ribs were definitely the highlight of the night and give me faith this could someday be a great food restaurant again.

Yerba Buena Perry
1 Perry Street (@ Greenwich Ave.)
New York, NY
Restaurant Website
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